With extensive knowledge of the food & beverage industry (manufacturing / processing / CPG), we work closely with a variety of growing small to medium-sized organizations nationwide to help them identify, recruit and hire top talent in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain/Operations – Manger level & above
  • Finance & Accounting – Senior staff accountant to CFO
  • Sales – Territory Sales Manager to Director of Sales
  • Marketing – Marketing Manager to CMO
  • Engineering – Senior Engineer to Director / VP of Engineering


In today’s fiercely competitive market, it is more crucial than ever to partner with a search firm that is proactively and consistently talking to both active and passive candidates in the food & beverage industry. The benefit of working with a smaller firm is that our “restricted” list is much shorter compared to the larger search firms who work with the larger food & beverage CPG companies. Being part of the larger Sanford Rose organization allows us to leverage our professional connections and decades of experience to help our clients find the very best talent for YOU!

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Innovate For the Future

Technology evolves quickly, making it a challenge to keep up with constant innovations and staying ahead of competition. Add in cybersecurity issues, the rise of tech industry regulations, AI ethics, and how the Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining IT architecture and getting ahead becomes virtually impossible. Talent Connectors offers you the talent you need today to achieve your digital visions for tomorrow. Areas of specialty:

  • AI & Machine Learning – Engineers & Architects
  • Software Development – Software Developers, Front and Back End Developers. Full Stack, DevOps, Technical Program Manager, Engineering Management and Executive Leadership roles.
  • Project Management – Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Business Systems Analysts & Business Intelligence
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Working with only a few select companies at a time allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company and its people, work environment and culture. Our goal is to find you the best candidate with the required skills and knowledge today, who will also continue to learn and grow within your organization.

Typically, clients engage our services in three ways:

  • They have an urgent, time-specific need and their standard resources are not producing timely and quality results.
  • They have a highly confidential search and are unable to utilize their normal process due to the potential risk of sensitive information being leaked.
  • They are not seeing the right combination of talent and personality after exhausting all internal resources.

Depending on your situation, the search might be retained, financially committed or contingent. Our successful Partner Search program is a hybrid between the full retainer and straight contingency. We have such confidence in this methodology, that we offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee on the initial retainer should there ever be a need to replace a candidate. We will always work with your specific goals, timeline and budget in mind.

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