Executing your search successfully is predicated on our ability to not only effectively present your company and opportunity to the candidate, but to find, evaluate and deliver the best possible candidate – professionals who are currently happy in their jobs and are at the top of the field.

While every search assignment is unique, we follow a thorough process that allows us to quickly identify, screen and present the very best people to you.



After an in-depth “kick off meeting” for the search project, we work with you to co-create the most powerful message that will demonstrate to the top performers that their best future lies with you. This allows us to be your spokesperson, presenting your brand, culture and job opportunity.

Utilizing our industry’s best technology and leveraging confidential referral partners, we conduct a complete and thorough search of the market allowing us to uncover the best potential candidates.


After identifying 15 – 20 potential candidates as having the required skills and knowledge and well as the desire and motivation, we contact each one personally on the phone and often in person so that we can truly get to know the person behind the resume.

Using information gathered from the candidates’ resume and the detailed screen process, we prepare a Candidate Opportunity Profile for you on each candidate. This profile allows the HR Director or Hiring Manager to easily review all the pertinent information on the candidate along with our personal recommendation.

Once you are ready to conduct initial candidate interviews, we assist you with that process by scheduling and closely monitoring the interview process.


This is where the process is most vulnerable and could fall apart. Counteroffers are even more prevalent today as companies fight to retain top talent. Staying close to the candidates every step of the way, we assist them through the emotional process of resigning from their current position as well as how to handle a potential counteroffer.

Our goal is to provide you with people who not only have the skills, experience and leadership needed for the position, but are also a good cultural fit for your company. After a placement is made, our team will follow up with you at regular intervals to ensure the placement is working well for your company.

While you alone make the decision on the best candidate for your company, we can assist you during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, benefits and relocation (if applicable). We work with you and the candidate to negotiate the best situation for all parties and ensure your new employee is ready to go on the first day.